Cold Chain Logistics

We give YOUR GOODS outstanding GLOBAL COVERAGE while maintaining the GOODS TEMPERATURE.

Your refrigerated goods can be transported across the world while its quality is preserved. Our containers are certified quality, passing regular checkups and maintenance procedures.
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Temperature Control

The temperature of your container will be set as required, chilled or frozen

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One Contact

You will have one number to coordinate with for all your needs.

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Global Reach

With associations in 150+ countries, we can take your business Global.

Cold Chain Logistics

Expand your business across the world with us taking care of your logistics

What is cold chain logistics?

Cold chain logistics is the technology and process that allows for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods and products along the supply chain. It relies heavily on science to evaluate and accommodate for the link between temperature and perishability.

Any product known to be or labeled “perishable” will likely need cold chain management. This could include foods like meat and seafood, produce, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Cold Chain Solutions are integrated solutions for your reefer cargo and a one-stop-shop for your logistics needs.

A Cold Chain Solution can be export or import oriented or truly end-to-end, depending on your needs. We design the solution that fits your supply chain.

Products and services we offer as part of your Cold Chain Solution:

By design, our Cold Chain Solution consists of several services. Customers can pick and choose the ones that best fit their cargo.

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Inland Transportation

By truck or rail, we take your goods to the respective destinations.

Customs Clearance

Our experienced professionals make sure that you get a quick clearance for your perishable goods.

Freight Booking

We manage all your booking needs, starting from getting cargo space, documents, shipping instructions and submission of VGM.

Cold storage

You can store your fresh or frozen goods at our secured, temperature controlled facilities.