Over Dimensional Cargo

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Over Dimensional Cargo

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What is “Over Dimensional Cargo” OR “ODC”?

In simplest terms, ODC or Over Dimensional Cargo is a cargo that protrudes outside the loading deck of the vehicle transporting the cargo. If a truck with loading platform length of 20 feet is loaded with cargo like TMT bars of length 22 feet, then the TMT bars qualifies as Over-Dimension Cargo. If the same TMT bars were loaded on a vehicle with platform length of 22+ feet, it would have been classified as Normal Cargo rather than ODC. This definition of ODC is to resist industry from transporting Normal Cargo unnecessarily as ODC for small economic benefits compromising road user’s safety.

We offer specialised transportation for Super Heavy and Super ODC cargo.

  • Transportation compliant with India’s stringent ODC laws
  • Safe and secure transportation without damage to goods
  • Long distances covered on road with ease
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Overdimensional Cargo at UMPL

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Transport Consultancy

Our team will understand your needs and find out the best possible transport route and mode for you

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Booking of Trucks or Rail

Our team will book the required mode of transportation for you with the best possible rates.

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Cargo Coordination

Our team will Inspect your cargo and will coordinate it through all checkpoints throughout the journey.