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The journey from cotton to counter

The textile supply chain is long and complex, spanning multiple countries and types of companies. The journey obviously starts at the cotton farmer and moves through the supply chain via ginners, traders, spinners, importers, garment manufacturers and dyers before ending up at the retailer. All these parts of the supply chain face it's own challenges. A farmer may face water scarcity, whereas a garment manufacturer needs to be sure that the work environment is fair and safe.

The global textile industry is an almost $500 billion market. It is expected to grow further in a few years. It has many aspects to it like production, marketing, sales, and management. All these aspects work in union with each other to produce and sell textiles and apparels. Logistics is a small but significant part of the huge textile industry.

Logistics and supply chain helps in the easy movement of goods in the textile industry. There are a number of logistics companies in the world that assist textile industries in the transportation of goods and materials from one spot to the other. Textile logistics has become as important as any other aspect of the textile industry.

Textile industry as a whole can be considered a time sensitive industry. Goods need to reach a specified location on time. Otherwise, the profit of the textile owner may be affected. Many times, owners see less or no profit at all owing to the irregularities in making goods reach a particular place.

The prices for raw materials keep fluctuating. Timely transportation of finished goods and raw materials will reduce the danger of loss for any textile manufacturing company.

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