Packaging Material

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Packaging Material

Packaging logistics is a sub-area of logistics; it is a link between production and distribution. In addition to packaging materials, packaging logistics also deals with the corresponding processes and structures of packing and packaging; as a result, it is identified overall as a field of work that offers enormous potential for optimisation and savings. It must be distinguished from the concept of logistical packaging, which refers mainly to the type of packaging, such as insulating packaging.

Packaging is the wrapping of a packaged good to protect the environment or the packaged good itself, for portioning for production/use and also for transport, storage and marketing. The packaging consists of packaging material and packaging aids which in turn enable packaging, sealing and preparation for dispatch. Packaging is the result of a packaging process, which begins with the design of the packaging and, viewed holistically, forms a packaging system.

Packaging is a coordinated system of preparing goods for safe, secure, efficient and effective handling, transport, distribution, storage, retailing, consumption and recovery, reuse or disposal combined with maximizing consumer value, sales and hence profit.

Types of Packaging Materials we Transport

  • Primary packaging (packaging is in direct contact with the product; packaging that the consumer receives)
  • Secondary packaging (contains several primary packagings)
  • Tertiary packaging (several primary or secondary packaging arranged together on a pallet (see EPAL) or container)
  • Group packaging (packaging that protects or presents several primary packagings)
  • Transport packaging/industrial packaging (to ensure efficient production and distribution through quick and easy handling, transport and storage of several primary packagings; also to prevent transport damage and incorrect handling)
  • Used packaging (packaging material that accumulates after unpacking the product)
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